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As I work with my small business clients I think of myself as their technology coach helping them explore their needs and imagine their digital business future.  It's always a little different from client to client but here are the basic questions that need to be answered:

  1. Is my website only to create awareness or do I want my customers to do business with my company directly through the website?

  2. What social media websites do my customers spend their time exploring and how do I get their attention?

  3. How do I make sure my site gives my customers a great experience from their laptop, tablet and phone?

  4. How do I learn about my customers, what they are doing and how I can improve their experience and increase the amount of business they do with me electronically?

  5. How can I tell when they need a representative from my company to engage them and how can I make that happen?

  6. How can I gain insights from my customers behavior to allow me to adjust and adapt my products or services or develop new products?

  7. How do I make sure my website keeps up with the latest trends and best practices without having to redo everything?

  8. How do I build a website that is easy to update and maintain?


Wow, that sounds like a lot! And, it's too much, so we start with one or two quick wins and build on those as we learn together. For those of you that follow this type of thing you will recognize this as the popularized Agile approach.

If you like what you see and your interested in learning more then please contact me.

Enjoy your digital journey!!

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