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Anamaria Weston 

I graduated with a computer science degree from Iona College in 1983.  Wow, a woman with a computer science degree back then. Unheard of!! I spent the next 15 years, first a programmer, technical project team leader and then in Sales and Marketing as a technical specialist helping customers to develop software and build solutions in the retail and financial services industries. The technologies were different (for sure!) but the problem was the same - how can I help my customer improve their business performance (revenue up, cost down, great customer experience).

I devoted the next decade or so to my children to nurture them through those formative years but I never lost my passion for technology and business. So, I continued to participate in the internet revolution through volunteer assignments building digital solutions for school PTAs and local charities. 

In 2009, I started my own business. Since then I've started several businesses, published a children's educational book and built several web and mobile based marketing  and online order management solutions for many businesses. My solutions include integrations with popular social media platforms and utilization online analytics to help my clients understand who is visiting their websites, what they are looking at and what they are doing when they are there.  My customers are diverse - see examples of my work on my home page.

Most of my customers are small & medium businesses and they usually ask for a website or improvements to their website. As I work with them I have found what they really need is a complete solution to help them meet their business goals. They recognize that everyone is doing everything on their phones; searching the web, posting to their social media and paying their bills online. But how do they become part of their customer daily electronic lives?


That's where I can help!

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